45 Day Diagnostic Placement

Students may be referred for a 45 day diagnostic placement to provide structure within a safe & therapeutic environment.  The purpose of the diagnostic placement is to evaluate and observe the student’s behavior & functioning in order to identify the most appropriate educational setting.  The resources are available to completely evaluate all eight of the necessary domains for special education eligibility, especially the student’s academic and emotional needs.  All three programs, Metro Prep Grade School, Laureate Day School and Metro Prep High School accept students on 45 day placements.


Upon enrollment, each student, their parents, and the referring school district will provide input as to the specific needs of the student, the extenuating circumstances that precipitated the need for a 45 day placement, and the domain areas in need of assessment.  We are prepared to evaluate any or all of the eight areas crucial to special education eligibility.  The eight domain areas that are to be considered for evaluation include: Academic Achievement, Functional Performance, Cognitive Functioning, Communication Status, Health, Vision and Hearing, Motor Abilities and Social/Emotional Status.


An appropriate time line will be created to complete the necessary evaluations & meet to review the results and recommendations.  Our goal is to facilitate the assessment process as quickly as possible.  This assessment procedure complies with all established Illinois rules and regulations governing special education.