Metro Prep Grade School


Program Philosophy

Using a multidisciplinary approach, Metro Prep provides educational and therapeutic learning opportunities in a small, nurturing environment.  This allows our staff to tailor each student’s program to meet his or her individual needs.  Regardless of their qualifying disability, all Metro Prep students are capable of developing a therapeutic relationship with a counselor based on traditional “talk therapy”. 

Our staff is comprised of state-certified special education teachers and state-licensed counselors. The Principal and Clinical Director oversee the administration of school operations and therapeutic programming.  Our milieu is small by design and we maintain an optimal student to teacher ratio of 5:1 or 10:2.  We believe that this ensures the best instructional environment for our students and promotes prompt clinical availability.



"For 5.5 years our son was a student at Metro Prep. During that time, we watched John Patrick blossom into an amazing young man. It was in large part because of the care, concern and expertise of the professionals who worked so faithfully and tirelessly with him. We will always be profoundly grateful for the efforts of the Metro Prep staff! They’ve helped a child, supported a family, and changed a life!"
-Grade School Parent

“We are so fortunate to have found such a perfect placement for our daughter! There are so many things we love about Metro Prep, but it all comes down to the AMAZING staff! Their unrelenting patience, kindness and dedication to the students is unmatched. The individual attention and flexibility to attend to each student’s needs is not only what makes Metro Prep successful, but all the students successful! We are not looking forward to the day our daughter graduates from Metro Prep because we will be sad to leave the Metro Prep “family”, but it is because of the Metro Prep staff that our daughter will be able to graduate and continue to be successful in her community and in life!”
-Grade School Parent