Educational Component

Metro Prep offers a full core curriculum in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Physical Education.  In addition, a variety of electives are offered each semester.  Classes are taught with small group instruction and individual tutoring utilizing conventional instructional materials, computer-assisted learning, hands on experiences and field trips.


Curriculum is individualized to the student’s abilities.  Given a review of previous test scores and evaluation of current academic functioning, courses are offered at the level of curriculum that best enables the student to progress toward high school proficiency. In a two track system, each subject area will be individually reviewed and designed to be taught on either a mastery or non-mastery basis.  Accordingly, assignments will either be evaluated by a conventional due date on a semester system or at an 80% mastery goal with more flexible time expectations.  In either case, the requirements for each class will be consistent from student to student.


In order to meet the needs of students who are transitioning either through graduation or return to their home school, the teachers and therapists coordinate to explore graduation or return to their home schools, vocational interests, college/trade school opportunities, and independent living skill development.  Field trips and guest speakers are used to gather information and promote interest.


In grades 10-12 mastery learning allows students to work at their own pace.  They progress only upon 80% successful mastery of each chapter or section of their work. This allows some students to work behind the pace of the class while permitting others to work ahead.  The value of the natural consequence is clear.  The students who choose a slower pace afford themselves more individualized academic attention and the opportunity to focus on the resolution of any non-academic issues that might be interfering with their learning.  The student who accelerates their pace creates the opportunity to catch up if credit deficient, move ahead if caught up and, in doing so, enhances the chance for a return to their home school or expedited graduation.


The 9th graders are taught in a self-contained classroom and are provided an enriched individualized instruction with in the classroom setting.  As they develop increasing maturity and self-confidence they are afforded increasingly more independence and responsibility. 


Report cards are issued four times per school year, and one for summer school.