“The magic that exists in Infiniteach unfolds when it reaches the hands of students with Autism.” 
- Rebecca Trylovich, Special Educator at Laureate Day School

What's new at Laureate Day School?

In addition to our regular autism programming, Laureate Day School is partnered with Infiniteach.  Infiniteach is a Chicago-based company dedicated to leveraging our increasingly visual and technologically-connected world to create innovative educational solutions for individuals with autism and other disabilities.  To learn more, go to:


Laureate Day School provides students excellent, individualized education in a setting that is both engaging and supportive.  Their commitment to ongoing professional development and best practice autism interventions is unparalleled in the Chicagoland area.”

                      Katie Hench & Christopher Flint – Founders, Infiniteach

Take a few minutes and watch the video shot 
at LDS for the Infiniteach media package!