Metro Prep High School


Program Philosophy


Metro Prep emphasizes a focus on individual abilities, capacities, interests, and potentials.  Teaching styles and techniques are matched with learning styles and abilities.  This allows us to promote the greatest possible academic and emotional growth within the students’ range of motivation, capacity, and opportunity.  Our educational approach is tailored to the diverse learning needs of our students utilizing a unique blend of mastery-based learning and traditional academic expectations.  In designing a program that attends to both academic and emotional needs, Metro Prep is defined as a school that provides a balance of education and counseling. 


Our staff is comprised of state-certified special education teachers and state-licensed counselors. The Principal and Clinical Director oversee the administration of school operations and therapeutic programming.  Our milieu is small by design and we maintain an optimal student to teacher ratio of 5:1 or 10:2.  We believe that this ensures the best instructional environment for our students and promotes prompt clinical availability.