Special Services

Guidance Counselor

    • The guidance counselor meets with students 14 years old and older on an individual and group basis to develop a transitional plan for each student as well as to explore both high school and post secondary options and planning.

Literacy Coach

    • The literacy coach focuses on improving student achievement by directly working with students to build and strengthen reading skills.  The literacy coach provides direct instruction to students individually and/or in small groups in and outside the classroom. In addition, the literacy coach evaluations the students’ reading abilities and skills and works directly with teachers to assist and support classroom reading instruction, curriculum, and individual needs/concerns.

School Psychologist

    • Under the supervision of the clinical director, the school psychologist is responsible for leading the diagnostic team to complete evaluations.  The school psychologist also completes all academic achievement, functional performance and cognitive functioning evaluations with the students.

2 Full-time Nurses

    • The School Nurse is responsible for distributing medication to students, keeping updated health and immunization records, seeing students who are not feeling well and contacting parents if necessary.  The school nurse also helps counselors with groups that are of a health/medical nature and in-servicing Metro Prep staff.


    • A Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist is available upon request of the parent to provide consultation for medication or further medical evaluation and treatment.  Appointments are made during the school day on the school’s premises. Parents must be present during the initial evaluation and at each appointment thereafter. This arrangement provides the psychiatrist both school & home information.   In addition to the parent(s) and the student, each appointment is typically accompanied by the Clinical Director and the student’s counselor.  There are no costs for the psychiatric services, although parents are responsible for any cost incurred for medication prescriptions written or lab test requested.  The there is typically a waiting list for initial evaluations that is triaged as necessary.

      Occupational Therapist

      Speech and Language Pathologist

      • Metro Prep contracts professionals to deliver services to students who are in need of speech/language and occupational therapies.  These professionals are accredited and licensed and provide individualized services as delineated on the students’ IEPs.
      Drug and Addiction Counselor

      Certified Art Teacher and Therapist